Month: May 2020

Is Your 20th Rep the Same as Your 1st Rep

Make sure every repetition is the same!!! Think about it : quad extensions for example. Often I get clients to do 20 + reps of these and sometimes with isometric holds. Key here is focus on making every rep the same!! Is your 20th rep the same as your 1st rep? Almost always NO. Before […]

How lazy are you, REALLY?

It’s very easy to do the little things, it’s also very easy to NOT do them. This translates into almost anything in life. If you want success (to achieve a goal) it is not going to happen over night. Progress comes to those who take small steps each day in the right direction. Have you […]

You Determine Your Results

It is important to remember that success (weight loss especially) is not linear, there are always going to be ups and downs. It can be extremely hard when you feel like you are giving 110% effort, yet are still not where you want to be. For myself, I’ve had days where I feel and look […]

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