Month: June 2020

Are you getting the most out of your training?

We are all all guilty of this in some aspect of our lives — trying to do a million things. Especially in the gym (This one speaks to me a lot). We all want to see progress and it is ingrained our brains that we need to work hard and do more more more!! Sometimes […]

Everyone starts somewhere!

Fitness in the sense that I often look at it is an art more than a sport. Building a solid foundation is the basis, but from there the human body is such a complex structure that changing it requires such a deep expression of not only knowledge but creativity and individualization. Fitness goes beyond weight […]

Why going 0-100 does not work!

Everyone wants a quick fix. A cleanse, a detox, a weight loss pill, or a magical supplement stack. Sorry but if you want a quick fix you will NEVER be successful. You have to WANT to embrace your fitness journey, you have to want to make LASTING changes!! As a personal trainer I am here […]

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