Month: July 2020

3 Tips to Level up Any Workout

Does work cut into your gym time?? Here are three simple tips to improve every workout and make every exercise more effective so you can get better results in the same amount of time! 1. Stabilize every exercise No matter what exercise you are doing: Drive your feet into the floor hard Engage your core (tighten […]

Why Your 1 REP MAX Doesn’t Matter !

As your trainer, why don’t I care about your 1 rep max for bench press?? Well, the reason my clients come to me is not because I am a power lifting coach, it is because I specialize in body composition – meaning fat loss and muscle growth! I care about how and if you are […]

Who is the Best Personal Trainer Out there?

Who is the best personal trainer out there? That question sounds a lot like, what’s the best diet out there? There is no best diet, no best workout, and no best trainer! There are thousands of amazing trainers out there and thousands of shitty ones. It’s about what works for you. Every single person is […]

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