3 Tips to Level up Any Workout

Does work cut into your gym time?? Here are three simple tips to improve every workout and make every exercise more effective so you can get better results in the same amount of time!

1. Stabilize every exercise

No matter what exercise you are doing:

  • Drive your feet into the floor hard
  • Engage your core (tighten your stomach like you are bracing to be punched)
  • Stabilize Scapula (usually done by driving your back into a bench)

2. Start the movement with the working muscle

If you are doing a Chest exercise, your pecs should be the first thing you contract. If you can not contract your pec muscles, that should be your first goal before you even bother lifting weights. If you have a hard time contracting your muscles, make sure you incorporate muscular engagement activation movements.

3. Control the Eccentric

This requires you to put your ego aside (which is a challenge in itself), but I promise you, if this is something new to you it will amplify your gains and workout effectiveness.

Focus on the “negative” portion of the movement, ie) lowering the weight. Don’t let yourself “fall” into a rep, control every single inch, work with intention!

Remember, if you aren’t making every rep count, you are wasting your time!!

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