Why going 0-100 does not work!

Everyone wants a quick fix. A cleanse, a detox, a weight loss pill, or a magical supplement stack. Sorry but if you want a quick fix you will NEVER be successful.

You have to WANT to embrace your fitness journey, you have to want to make LASTING changes!!

As a personal trainer I am here to guide you, but I’m only with you 1-3 hours per week, it’s the other 165 hours that you need to take responsibility for. If you think signing up for a “SHRED” Program is the answer, then think again. My shred clients, MAKE fitness a priority, they put their health first, and they bust their ass every day! The behaviour changes that we create throughout the 8-10 week program are building habits that my clients maintain after the program is done!

A lot of people set a goal to lose “X” amount of lbs .. but they have NO plan on how to execute this goal.

Going from never working out and eating processed crap daily to a full workout every day and salads for every meal is NOT sustainable and NOT realistic.

I almost always give my clients the least amount of cardio possible to still see changes in their body and we then work forwards from there.

We focus on eating HIGH volume whole foods that keep you full and provide your body with the proper nutrients that it needs to workout with intensity!

Honestly I’ve learned even though many clients want to “lose weight” that’s not their biggest challenge, it’s achieving LASTING results. Anyone can do cardio and starve themselves and drop weight.

Make lasting change.

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