How lazy are you, REALLY?

It’s very easy to do the little things, it’s also very easy to NOT do them. This translates into almost anything in life.

If you want success (to achieve a goal) it is not going to happen over night. Progress comes to those who take small steps each day in the right direction.

Have you ever see someone with a world class physique who got it by doing a 10 day crash diet?

People get pre occupied with things outside of themselves like they need a better gym or they need a better supplement … the bottom line is these things are outside of your control so why START there. I think start within yourself and work on the things you CAN control, like your thoughts, behaviours, and habits. I’m not saying the other things have no importance but it’s easy to place blame on things that are outside of ourselves “this supplement didn’t work” .. “I don’t have very good gym equipment” .. but it’s really hard to take the blame and admit you just didn’t care enough to do the little things to build the foundation needed for success.

People with the most excuses are also the ones who are failing to put weight on the little things.

There is LITERALLY no reason the following things (below) can not be done by ANYONE, this is the absolute BARE MINIMUM for health, and unless you have a serious mental and physical disease/disorder/impairment and work 80+ hours per week and take care of a family and have a social life and are in university you CAN DO A LOT MORE !

Go for a walk
Practice portion control
Practice activating your muscles
Work on posture & core strength while sitting and moving
Practice mindful breathing
Drink water

If you think “You don’t have time” .. WE ALL HAVE THE EXACT SAME 24HRS IN A DAY. If you’re saying you don’t have time it’s because you don’t WANT to have time.

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